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After more than 10 years at the helm of the 3-piece punk rock act BENZENE, BEN KENOBI continues to illustrate his songwriting prowess with the release of his first full-length solo album, WOMEN OF CRENSHAW.

Late 2008, BEN moved to California to continue his band and until recently BENZENE had been preparing a full-length album. It wasn't easy but the decision needed to be made and the band agreed to take some time off to pursue their own career for a while.

Abandoning the signature Tele-electric guitars, but sticking to aggressive rhythms and unique song progressions of BENZENE, Ben sets out armed with his soothing and captivating melodies, guided by an acoustic guitar and a smattering of various other classic instruments. As a master of transcribing personal experiences and bemusements into transcendent verse, it follows that the lyrical content of Women of Crenshaw is nothing short of poetic as well.

The songs range from folk to pop, country to classic with many genre defying moments in between, but are all sewn together seamlessly with the common thread of innovative and dexterous craftsmanship. Women of Crenshaw serves to display an angle of Ben's songwriting that rarely emerged in the medium of punk rock, with notable influences including such varied artists as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Harry Betts and his Fantastic Machine. To further develop the aural layers of the album, Ben utilizes the strings capabilities and various percussions to complement his musical balance.

As a whole, Women of Crenshaw is a triumphant foray into new territory for BEN KENOBI, bolstered by intriguing and unforgettable melodies that leave the listener craving more.

Released in 2015

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Ben Kenobi Biography & History

Biography & History

With a career spanning 10 years as a leader of the punk rock band BENZENE, Ben Kenobi has lost none of the energy to pursue his own musical amusement as a composer and a singer-songwriter. Since Ben set up his own studio and label, Singuya Label Records in 2006, utilizing the producing capability enabled Ben to keep going back to record and release songs at will. Thus was born the Women of Crenshaw - the first full-length solo album containing brand new 12 songs.

2002 - Benzene was born in South Korea. After numerous shows at local venues in Korea, Benzene released the first full-length album, OLD SHOES as a double disk (34 songs) -which was recorded in his home basement without anyone's help and put out some EPs and singles over years. Ben's old bandmates admitted that they rather pursue some dough. But at least they were sorry.

2008 - Ben Kenobi decided to move to California, just- to surf. But then, by chance he had met some cool friends whilst waiting for a wave. The new Benzene was born, Neil Wayne and Jeff Houser were parts of it, Neil could barely get to the beach though. Benzene released 2 EPs in 2010-12 and has been preparing to record their new full-length album. Wait for the Sun!

2014 - While Benzene has been going on for several years, Ben kept dreaming pizzas with no pepperonis on them that need to be eaten every meal. Ben Kenobi finally wanted to end his pain and put all the recordings that were founded in his archive together releasing in one full-length album, Women of Crenshaw. 2015 will see Ben Kenobi play his solo pieces. Let's go, golden boys.